Building a strong online program starts with a strong strategic foundation


All the little details that contribute to a campaign or project’s success

Data and Analysis

No project is done until you’ve analyzed the results, to measure its success and to help the next one surpass it


Raise more money with a robust, integrated fundraising program


Use your online channels not only to let your supporters feel engaged, but to actually influence your targets

User Engagement

When you focus on giving your supporters a positive experience, you'll do more together

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Jo's recommendations for improving our website were fantastic. She articulated so many things that were bothering me about the site, but that I couldn't put my finger on.

Jo truly embodies a high impact, low ego ethos in all her work. She is a massively skilled digital strategist with deep understanding of the full nonprofit production cycle from planning to implementation to measurement. Whether she's crafting a strategic campaign approach or making sense of complex data, Jo tackles projects with careful listening, thoughtful analysis, and relentless execution. I could not ask for a better entrepreneurial partner.


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