My Approach

Photo Credit: Benjamin Hollis

Digital strategy is like an octopus. Octopuses are incredibly intelligent, curious problem solvers — traits that are critical in the fast-moving digital world. Like an octopus’ many arms, a digital program has many moving parts. Those arms may seem to act independently, as if they had minds of their own, letting the octopus tackle a problem from multiple angles at once — but all the arms work together to support one central goal. In the same way, a strong digital program combines many tools, channels, and tactics to support your organization’s goals.

In my work, I look at all aspects of a digital program and how they work together. I work with clients through the whole lifecycle of a campaign or project, taking it from concept to strategy, through production, and all the way to analyzing results at the end:

  • I believe it’s key to understand the big picture of an organization’s needs, while also paying attention to all the little pieces. Nonprofits need creative thinking and bold ideas, now more than ever, and every tool and detail has a role to play in a project’s success.
  • Now is also a time to think beyond individual campaigns and look at online programs holistically: setting up systems to better engage members and tap into their energy and passion, and to let your team do more with your limited time and resources.
  • In all aspects of digital work, measuring and learning from your results is critical to making the next campaign even stronger.