I support organizations on the full scope of their digital needs, seeing projects through from conception to final wrap-up and analysis, and everything in between. With every project, I look at how it can support and strengthen your entire online program.


What are the goals of your online program? Where should you invest your time and resources? To build a strong online program, you need a strong strategic foundation. I can help you develop a holistic digital strategy for your online presence, or create more focused strategies for individual channels or campaigns.

I also specialize in strategies for email list growth and cultivation. Keep your list growing, and also keep it strong. Build better relationships with your supporters and move them up your engagement ladder to get involved at a higher level.

From choosing the right software, to streamlining your content creation process, to ensuring consistency across channels, the right systems can help your team do more, better. If you’re setting up a new eCRM or CMS, or feeling bogged down in your current processes, I can help you develop internal systems and processes that make your work more efficient.


Strategy matters, but a campaign or project’s success depends as much (or more) on the details of how it’s carried out. I can support your team’s campaign creation, from copywriting to implementation in your system, to setting up and managing online ads like Facebook ads or Google Adwords.

Special package: Google Grants

You’ve probably heard about Google Grants, a program through which Google gives eligible 501(c)3 orgs $10,000 per month in free Adwords credits. When managed well, this free advertising can give a big boost to your website traffic and list growth. I can help get your new Google Grants account up and running, resurrect your languishing account and optimize it for your goals, or help you manage Google Grants on an ongoing basis.

Data and Analysis

No project is done until you’ve analyzed the results, to measure its success and help the next project perform even better. And measuring your month-to-month progress toward your goals is a key part of a healthy online program. I’ll analyze the performance of your website, email campaign, or other projects and give you actionable insights and opportunities for improvement.

Special package: DIY reporting set-up

Doing regular reporting on your programs is key, but it can be a chore — and chores are easy to neglect. I can set up a simple spreadsheet-based reporting system, based on your goals and needs, with all the pieces in place to make updating your metrics quick and painless.


Raise more money online with a robust, integrated fundraising program. I can help you strengthen your fundraising, from high-level fundraising strategy to fundraising campaign planning and execution. I can support all aspects of an online campaign, including email, donation forms, ads, social media, and supporting web content, as well as advising on integrating your online and offline components.


We’re in a critical time for advocacy. People are ready to go beyond traditional email advocacy to take more serious, meaningful action — if you show them how. I support all components of online advocacy campaigns to help you get your supporters more engaged, mobilize volunteers with online tools, and put effective pressure on your legislative targets.

User Engagement

User experience is a core and often neglected aspect of digital success. When your supporters have a good experience with you, they’ll do more, and they’ll keep coming back. I’ll analyze the user experience of your online properties and identify opportunities for improvement, but the best results come from testing your content with real users. I can help you set up A/B testing, optimize your donation, advocacy, and sign-up forms for conversion, and run simplified user testing to identify key needs on a budget.


I believe in building skills within nonprofit digital teams. Training staff is one of the best ways to boost your program. I can offer training around most of the services above, and can create custom trainings to meet your team’s needs. Some of my most popular trainings include:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • A/B Testing
  • Data Analysis 101 and Communicating with Data
  • HTML Basics for Digital Marketers
  • eCRM and CMS training